First impression of inspiration


I nearly walked out on what turned out to be my favorite class today.

I’m taking visual exploration, which is art-talk for drawing. The building for this class is more than a ten minute walk away from my class before it, which is health care ethics. Health care ethics is pretty interesting but I have a long-winded teacher and an even longer walk to get to drawing.  So if I only have ten minutes to get there, and at least a ten minute walk, if the crosswalks hit just right, and my health care ethics teacher goes three minutes over his time limit how late am I? Three minutes. Good job class. It doesn’t sound too bad but it turns out to be a lot of talking going on before you get there, all sweaty and letting out loud stomps throughout the room to find a seat.

I wasn’t the last to walk in today but I was the least prepared. Everyone else must have made it to class the first day whereas I had bailed on it after about 10 minutes of trying to find the classroom in the 100 degree heat. I was looking around and everyone there looked weird (you know, in that artsy way). I seemed to fit in thug man and pale red headed guy with the over sized polo. Here is where I really started to sweat. I was nervous. What if I can’t draw? I haven’t really drawn much since high school, I could suck by now. I wonder how good all of these people are. Are they art studio majors? Oh man, they’re going to be amazing and I’m going to be using beginner techniques.

I almost got up and left twice. I thought, “Well I could just drop this class and get more typical class.” But I really wanted to stay. So I stuck it out just to see what the first day was. The soft-spoken older teacher stood at the front briefly talking about point of view. His sideburns came down very Elvis-like and then veered off to the mouth. His white hair had saw dust in it and a trail lead to the patches of dust all over his back. After a few minutes of explaining the basics of what we would be doing we went off to a typical cluttered art room.

I bummed some supplies off thug man and Red and started working. In two or three strokes of my blue crayon I had forgotten about being late, upsetting my psych teacher, how hot it was outside, who was watching me or the fact that I had completely disrupted class when I came in and the professor had to rethink and shuffle through his papers just to get back on track.

I am so happy I didn’t interupt this class again by leaving. Our assignment was just drawing milk jugs and beer cans but I loved every second of it. I think I’m a better artist now that I’m a photographer. I see it all as art and hope this class can help develop me to compose better pictures.


3 Responses to “First impression of inspiration”

  1. Yay! How exciting! That picture is beautiful!! Great job Brad!! I’m glad you didn’t walk out of the class either…art is so relaxing and I think you’re going to love it this semester!

  2. Brad, Is there anything you can’t do????????

  3. boy, you so talented! if you want, i can take you to the goodwill and we can do a “scene kids 101” crash course in dressing like a hipster. i can’t wait to see some of the stuff you do in this class.

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