The art part (of me)

Blogger note: My apologies go out to all of you who have been reading lately. I’ve been a downer. Maybe I’ll blog about why I think that is sometime soon. But once again, sorry. I hate being Debbie Downer. It’s not to my liking.

My assignment was to find something that had meaning to me. To draw a still life of this object and have background, foreground, all in my home. I knew pretty much immediately what I wanted to do.

The masks that head this Web site are two art projects I’ve had going for years. They’re basically finished now, but I can’t figure out a way to hang them. So they sit around in my room, begging for attention over near my amplifiers. I sat down and started on this two feet wide sheet of paper and put down the first line of tragedy (that sounds deep). After completing the mask for the most part, I moved on to the wall, the amplifiers, and then decided I wanted to make this more about art itself. That’s when I decided to include the guitar in the foreground.

I completed all of it over to the right side of the stairs last night. I woke up early this morning to finish the right side, where the bed and mess in the floor can be seen. That’s when I decided to go ahead and include my photography too. I’m pretty happy with my overall outcome. It’s my first real drawing in the class (you know, not a random beer can or milk jug). It was a really nice stress reliever yesterday and this morning. It was almost as nice as waking up to read the newspaper.



One Response to “The art part (of me)”

  1. I really like this Brad. Everything is in proportion, and you have great perspective. I really like how you drew the pillows on the bed. I hope you keep posting your artwork!!!

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