Working harder

“Have you seen this guy work on the Web? I thought I was going to have to get a bucket of ice water to poor on the computer to keep it from catching fire. He’s fast.”-Dave LaBelle about new Kentucky Kernel Photo Adviser Jim Winn

After going through his Web site, I knew I wanted this guy. His photos are clean and bold and I feel they’re actually representative of how he sees things, not just how he happened to take a photo. With Dave LaBelle leaving the Kernel, Jim Winn is exactly what we need. Someone who can help us grow with our multimedia, develop our program and help us build our portfolios with more than typical college portfolio shots.

Jim hasn’t been around for very long (as in he started this week) and has already taken what I consider to be a very big step for what we call the Dirty Dozen. The DD is a group of students who want to bounce ideas off each other and help UK’s photojournalism program grow, whether or not UK is going to help us. Jim made a blog (via the same site I use for this blog) that he has been updating every day or so with “all manner of things that inspire, feed and push visual creativity.” I like that.

The site is great too. It gives us something we haven’t had before, a common meeting place. It was attempted with that horrid social networking site, facebook, but now we have something significant. It’s our own, and alive. With the regular updates I feel that this will build our program and us as individuals. The blog is adorned with UKPJ’s new motto, “Working harder.” With or without a program, we are going to make an impact.

So without any more delay, I hope you’ll check out what Jim is building. Some of you may have noticed the update to the pages. That link to the right will always be there, so once this post is long gone, don’t fret, you can still find Jim and friends in the link 3 inches to your right. Well, give or take 3 inches.

University of Kentucky PhotoJournalism


One Response to “Working harder”

  1. I am so excited about this semester. With everyone’s energy for UKPJ, we are bound to change the world!! :)

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