Inspired by all

The problem seems to be more with how much I want to do.

For a few weeks I’ve thought I was unmotivated to take photos for the school paper just because I wanted to start writing. When an opportunity to work with the design team I paused. Sure. Why not? Within a week I had decided I wanted to write as much as I wanted to shoot, and then on top of two passions I committed to learning design.

So I’ve been out of the Kernel since Wednesday and haven’t shot a picture, written a story or designed a layout. It seems that all of the things I want to do have been less active than when I was feeling so uninspired.

Inspiration is strange. It comes, it goes. It arises from others’ work and often from your own. If you feel you’ve really done a commendable deed then you want to do more. If you feel someone is beating you then you want to compete. Lately I’ve wanted to do so much it’s all kind of watered down my vision. I need to get back to what I’m good at.

I need to get focused.


One Response to “Inspired by all”

  1. You of all people need to stay focused Brad. You’ve got the world at your disposal. People listen to you; people look up to you; people get inspired looking at your work. It would be a shame not to be the best you can, and change the world in the process. I know you can do it too!!

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