Finally, a how-to from the heart

All I find myself doing lately is reading about photography. Not through magazines but through  blogs and Web sites. I can’t get myself away from the computer.

I found a site that I like pretty well, especially in reinforcing things that are easily tossed aside by most experienced photographers. Ken Rockwell’s site is basic. It doesn’t have any fancy flash, or slide shows or dumb audio (well, it may…my speakers don’t work). I think his simple site is representative of his personality.

Ken Rockwell says despite being picture with this lens he prefers not to even use it. He hasn’t used it in years and the lens is actually just a marketing ploy to scream, “Hey, I’m a photographer.”

 In his writings he emphasizes how unimportant the camera is (despite being pictured with what I think is a 400) and says to forget about the Canon or Nikon. Rockwell says the pictures are in what you see, not what your camera develops. The guy really does his research too, giving more references via hyper links than you could ever use.

In talking about why your camera doesn’t matter, Rockwell quoted Ansel Adams several times, effectively getting his point across more thoroughly each time.

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”
Ansel Adams

In between the lines:
Ken Rockwell gets some pretty rough reviews, and I think it’s probably because he comes off a bit of a know-it-all on his site. That’s what happens with teaching sites though, you sound like you know something. One site has developed a hilarious group of jokes, comparable to the Chuck Norris jokes we’ve all heard in the past. Click here to get the full list.



One Response to “Finally, a how-to from the heart”

  1. I wouldn’t want that lens either…it would break my arm off!!! Plus, that’s a pretty expensive lens to not use just in the name of marketing.

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