Do you take this to be your profession?

Jim Winn is doing such a fine job at the UKPJ blog. I hope you’re keeping an eye on it. It’s like daily inspiration.
My first trip to the Kernel in a few days surprised me with bios of well known photographers everywhere. I need to write down a few of their sites to share with you.

Another one of the excellent sites Jim posted was JVS Weddings. Click here to see their stuff.

But the most recent update is one about weddings. Click here to see what I’m talking about. It’s really gotten my brain ticking a little. Maybe not to get into weddings. Heck. Maybe nothing. It seems everything has me thinking and on my toes lately.

On Jim’s wedding blog, once you get to the bottom be sure to look at John and Joseph Photography. It’s amazing! Their photos are so becoming and wholesome that they’ll make anyone (even a few of you non photographers) think about trying a wedding shoot. Then next, look at Brian Wagner. His portfolio is creative and bold. I loved it.

In between the lines:
Some of you may have missed blogs about Jim Winn and his new position at the Kernel. If so, please catch up. I’ll be blogging a lot about him and what he’s doing for the Kernel and UK’s photojournalism program in general. Tomorrow is movie night for the Dirty Dozen, UK’s unofficial official photojournalism club, group, or whatever. If you’re a student, be sure to stop by.


One Response to “Do you take this to be your profession?”

  1. I agree…Jim is doing a fantastic job getting things going. I am so inspired by this photo!!!

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