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When he was showing me his idea, I wasn’t buying it.

But neither was he. Ed Matthews and I walked into the tunnel UK walks through on their way from the locker room to the field, looking for a place to hang a remote camera that could be fired when the team did their traditional Catwalk. Nothing was working though.

We decided not to hang it and were on the way back to the photoroom to store the remote camera when kidded by another photographer. “Wouldn’t you want to hang a remote to take a good picture?” he said. Sure, that’s why we didn’t hang it. Or so I thought.


This is a good picture from a remote. No matter who says it’s not, it is. This is the photo Ed took the week before at the Eastern Kentucky game. I’m proud to be working with someone as creative as Ed and hope a bit of that wears off on me. I also hope to keep becoming more and more bold as I see how Ed handles things.

Ed and I shot the Kent State vs. Kentucky game together last Saturday, and Ed told me about trying to find a good place to shoot an overall. I have to say, he definitely found it with this photo. This is a nice angle and I believe Ed used his fish-eye, but it may just be wide angle distortion.


Ed is the Kentucky Kernel’s photo editor this year and also one of my cohorts from California. Click here to find one of Ed’s sources for inspiration, Jim Winn. Ed’s work was selected as Picture of the Week by Jim, which is the source of these photos and reason for this post. Credit Jim and Ed for this work, not me.


2 Responses to “Modesty.”

  1. i have to say i agree. about all of the above said.

    Yesterday i shot that dumb pep rally for an hour, ed shows up and 5 minutes later he alrady has a way better picture than me. why? because he squatted down by coach brooks’ rear, held the camera in between the face of brooks and the radio host, and got a really nice background of the cafeteria behind them. I asked him if he was allowed to do that. all i got was a smirk and a “well i don’t know but im going to find out.”

    as Ed said afterwards, “you gotta explore all your options.”

  2. lenscapremoved Says:

    That’s what I love about Ed.

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