Trying to expect the unexpected, even when you expected it

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Photos like this one are pretty obvious in how to shoot them. Sure, there are interesting and creative ways to do it, but it’s not something that really takes you by surprise. Sometimes even when you think you’re ready, you’re not…

It’s something I had experienced before. A situation in which I though I would perform well. Really, I thought I knew what to do.

It may have been a false sense of security that let all five of the Kernel photographers at the UK vs. UofL game get the same shots. Mostly bland shots of hands and a huge mass of blue.

When you’re fighting this many people, it’s hard to get where you need to be though. I’ll give us credit, we were out numbered. But we all just ran with the crowd and did what everyone else was doing. I didn’t even realize we hadn’t completely succeeded with the end of the game until Dave LaBelle told us about a scene from ESPN or until I saw what Charles Bertram, of the Lexington Herald-Leader, had gotten.


Here is the first thing I saw when the clock ran out. Fans storming the field and masses flying over the wall. It seems natural to shoot this part of the game when it starts happening. But then I thought about the trophy. So I turned and ran with the masses, only to meet a wall of blue.


Once I realized I couldn’t get the trophy, I started looking for other shots. I found this player on top of some one’s shoulders and began trying to compose it as best as possible while “hail-Marying” it. This picture didn’t run, but I think after going back through my edit it’s my favorite picture of the slew I took.

I feel like we did pretty well over all. After talking to Dave, Jim and David Stephenson this morning, I’m pretty sure we could have done better with the design of our double truck more than anything. I just wish we had realized a bit more of what Dave was saying, because Elliott shot an excellent photo of a fan hugging a player. Dave’s point was that it had all the elements, and should have ran as the dominant in the spread. I agree, but think we had a few other problems that slowed down the process. Still the same, I wish we would have taken our guidance a little better. (See the slideshow here)

Photo by Elliott Hess | Kentuck Kernel

I’m sure this sounds more negative than I mean for it to come off as. I think overall we had good shots. We’re college students so we have to learn somehow. We had some good reaction shots and I think we produced really good action.

Below are a few more of my photos. I really like the one of Rich Brooks because there is no doubt of who that photo is about with the framing and him being right in the middle. It could be better, but I like the idea. But anyway, that’s my complaining/attempt at helping you not make my mistakes. Enjoy the rest.








3 Responses to “Trying to expect the unexpected, even when you expected it”

  1. I am so impressed by all of these photos. You all did a great job.

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  3. […] was the third time I’ve gotten to experience this. One time was this semester, in which we (Kernelite photographers) didn’t perform very well. I think we did better, but […]

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