CPOY reminder

I wanted to remind those of you who are elligable that CPOY is coming up. I have some great college photographers who read this blog, and I expect all of you to be applying soon! 

It’s time! Time to take a hard look at all the good work you have done over the past year and pick out the best for entry in the annual College Photographer of the Year competition. Entry is free again this year courtesy of Nikon Inc.  Entry deadline is midnight, Friday, Oct. 5, 2007.

CPOY’s mission has always been to set standards for student photojournalists and to provide recognition for outstanding vision, good reporting and excellent storytelling. That mission remains as important for today’s emerging photojournalists as it was when Cliff Edom founded the competition and held the first judging in 1945.

Please pay careful attention to all the entry information, as there are changes this year.  Multimedia categories have been redefined and expanded, so be sure to use the new guidelines for entering them.

We hope you enjoy our newly re-designed and more user friendly website. 

Look forward to podcasts of the judging sessions starting on Nov.4th.

Rita Reed
Director, CPOY


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