Keep it tight

Sometimes I forget how much I’ve learned about photography.

My dad bought one of my old 20D’s and has been shooting my sister’s soccer games. Every now and then I’ll get a phone call with a question of what his aperture should be or what he should set the ISO too. I remember calling David Stephenson with the same questions during my first photo workshop my freshman year of college.

Using the 75-300 f4-5.6, dad has gotten some pretty good shots. Mostly the only criticism I gave him was not using that long lens of his, but it’s a natural problem for people starting off shooting sports. You really want to pull out and make sure you get all of the action, but it’s better to stay zoomed in, and get all of the action that is important. The lens dad is using is actually longer than mine, but it’s a slower lens. Once he starts using that extra zoom he’ll have some nice shots for the family photo albums.

Photos by Danny Luttrell
This is the original shot.

This is what I cropped it down to. This is a great moment, and if it had been zoomed in we would have had all of these great expressions and the picture would have been more in focus. So remember kids, keep those cameras zoomed! Don’t back down and zoom out!

I would say dad didn’t realize what he was doing from shooting in the stands, but he really did get a clean background from being so high up. He eliminated all of the fences and bleachers on the other side, and really helps the picture to be an easy read. It’s really a good idea if you have a long enough lens, which he does.

This is the best picture, but not the best moment. This picture is perfectly sharp, has decent action and a clean background. Not to mention my pretty sister working the ball around this unsuspecting opponent.

For as much as I’ve learned about taking photos,  I just keep seeing things that I don’t know how to do. I’m still not the most technical person, and still have a long way to go in creativity, among other things. It’s nice to be able to help someone else out (I try on here but am starting to have doubts that I’m actually helping anyone).

Today I’ll be shooting the game but my sister, Megan, will be sitting out. She’s injured for this game. I suppose I’ll just try to sell a few photos if I can.


4 Responses to “Keep it tight”

  1. Hi Brad!
    This is the first time I’ve actually gotten to read your blog! I really like it! It’s suuupppperr!

    I really want to start learning photography now! Do you think Jim would let me sign up for the workshop? I bet he would. He’s really suuuupppper! And so cute!

    Maybe once a week you and I could start working on photography together!!! Do you think Mary Margaret would mind? I sure hope not.

  2. Danny Luttrell Says:

    Thanks for the tips Brad. As you mentioned to me this weekend, I may try taping the lens “fully zoomed” to make myself shoot the tight shots. It will hopefully teach me to be disciplined and go for the harder shots.

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