What do they say about hindsight?


I just realized I missed the best picture I could have made all week.

To be honest, I think I probably missed the best picture I’ve even seen in a long time. At the Paintsville, Ky auction there is so much going on that your head spins about as soon as you see it all. To your right there are dogs, chickens, rabbits, ducks and whatever else you can squeeze in a cage to make a few bucks off of. Then look to your left. Here you will find your gun, sling blade and knife sales.

In case you’re sensing humor in any of that, you can leave it at the door. I’m not at all making fun of this situation. Once you step back and take it all in, it’s really a beautiful environment that is incredibly rare anymore. I was in high school the last time I saw some of this stuff. Over and over, Picture Kentucky made me miss home.

The picture at the top of the page is one that I missed, but it’s still a good picture to explain what’s going on. About a second before this frame this old guy was looking directly down the barrel. I didn’t even have time to zoom in. I foolishly only had one camera body and only a 24-70 snapped on at the time. Always be prepared. Still the same, I like this picture. It’s not the big one I missed.


This photo and the next turned out better than I thought they were going to. They’re composition and exposure are good, but I think the subject is what really makes the picture. I only caught what I saw going on. This place was a photographic goldmine, if you just held the camera to your face for long enough to make a good picture.


It’s that last part I’m afraid I failed at. With so much to take pictures of, why did I only fire 103 frames? I shot a dozen or so different scenes, and tried several different ideas, but never succeeded in getting what I wanted. I only took one frame of the picture below, and will kick myself for a long time for that. This could have been a beautiful, timeless photo if I had just worked it. It’s possible that I would have had it in the next frame, but I didn’t move. I went back to being focused on Ezra, this lady’s husband and the fellow cramming that hen into a feed sack.


This picture makes me want to drive back to Paintsville this coming weekend and rework this. These people will be there with their truck load of hens and rabbits, just trying to make a living. The man told me his disability was cut and he depends on selling those caged animals to be able to eat. What a great story. I just wish I had a few great pictures to help tell it.


3 Responses to “What do they say about hindsight?”

  1. lets go back on saturday. i didnt get to go to the stockyard.

  2. can i hitch a ride? the apple festival is this coming weekend. just imagine all the pictures waiting to be taken.

  3. im serious guys. i think im going to go. we should carpool this time since we all have the same destination.

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