Major improvements


Photos by Danny Luttrell

At the photo workshop, Greg Cooper said he was really pleased with how the students were listening to the advice the coaches were giving. They were actually trying to apply what was said in critique.

Well, if you remember the blog post I did about my dad’s soccer photos, I gave him a pretty rough way to go about zooming in. The idea was that if you stay zoomed in, your subjects would be more likely to be in focus and you would have better quality.

The top photo has been cropped since he sent it to me, but over all it’s a much better outcome than the first selection he showed me.


This is the best picture my dad has ever taken. To all of my Kernel companions reading the site, they’re saying that the horizon is crooked and the zoom is still too far out. But take a look at the final available product from this picture:


This is an excellent sports photo. With a crop and a little toning, this photo came out to be an excellent catch. I’ll go so far to say that this is better than anything I shot at that soccer game.

Reasons I like this photo:

* Peak action – this photo wouldn’t have been this good 1/100 of a second before or after this very moment. So much of sports photography (and other types, but let’s stay focused on sports) is catching the right moment. That’s my sister making that great anticipated face. She is trying to out head her opponent, who is being hit in the face with the ball. Both players are off the ground. This all combined is peak action.

* Sharpness – this photo isn’t perfectly sharp once you crop in, but it is very very close. This picture is usable, and even sharp enough to sell. If the lens had been zoomed in (it’s at 150) to 300 this photo would have been much sharper.

*Angle – getting higher up gave a mostly clean background, one that would have (most likely) been more cluttered than if he were on the sidelines.

*Exposure – he is using aperture priority, but still the same it’s helping him to get a well exposed photo.

Let’s go back to the original though…


Reasons I do not like this photo:

* Tilted horizon – this is hard to avoid in sports when you first start. We get so focused on what we’re watching and trying to get things like peak action that we forget the basics. Just because you can fix something in photoshop doesn’t mean you can not worry about it. A tilted horizon is unacceptable.

* Background – yes I know I said I liked that dad tried to get up higher and get a clean background (or it may have been he didn’t want to leave the stands…which is fine for a parent with a camera but not you aspiring professionals), but the signs are growing out of this girl’s head. In most situations on the field, he wouldn’t have had that problem. Since they are jumping and competing for this ball, we have that white sign which actually hides the ball.

* Too wide – he did better about zoom from what I can tell but this is still way too wide for sports. We’re only at half zoom. The best way to fix this is to tape the lens at it’s longest extension, which is 300 in this case.

If you’re looking for soccer photos for sale, just give me an email or comment. Prices are listed below.

General Prices:

4×6………….$ 2.50

5×7………….$ 5.50



wallets(4) ..…..$3.00

Minimum of $8.00


five 4×6, one 5×7, two wallets…………..$17.00

B ten 4×6, two 5×7, two wallets……………$25.00

C fifteen 4×16, five 5×7, four wallets…….. $40.00

D ten 4×6, five 5×7, two 8×10……………. $55.00

E create your own package. Just contact me.

All photos on Beyond the map stars © Brad Luttrell unless posted otherwise.


One Response to “Major improvements”

  1. Danny Luttrell Says:

    Thanks for the pointers. I won’t quit my day job just yet.

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