Press this

OK, now I’m not taking claims for finding this, but I will do my own post about it.

In Chase Jarvis‘ latest blog post  he hits a few things that are pretty cool. I’m not going into any of those but one. You have to check it out for yourself. It’s a fun photography game.

See if you can beat my score of 82 so far. Chase only had 55. I was a video game nerd long before a photographer.


5 Responses to “Press this”

  1. Hey Brad, Ibeat you!! My score 102! :)

  2. 162 on my second try

  3. 114 on my second try. Ed’s not human.

  4. Superman only flies through the screen once when I play. This game is lame, Brad.

  5. Tim said if that was a Nikon camera it would do better! My new score 112! And I’m not a photographer or video game nerd!

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