Bringing you better coverage than GameDay itself

Blogger note: These photos are property of the Kentucky Kernel. Any reproduction is a violation of copyright. Please respect my work and the Kernel’s property. If you are interested in purchasing any photos from the Kernel contact Ed Matthews at, or leave a comment with your request.


Since there wasn’t a huge celebration for the Cats this past weekend, I mostly ended up with action. I have posted a few reaction shots from touchdowns, but mostly this is just to show some of my work.


The shot above would probably never run unless the Kernel ran a story about UV rays are affecting people’s vision, or something like that. But I like the repetition of all the arms covering their eyes in the light and you can see that no one in the shade is bothered. This picture looks really cool blown up.


I had a friend in my journalism class tell me that this was probably the best picture he had ever seen. I tell you that, not to show you that people like my photos because if I were critiqued for an overall I wouldn’t do very well, but to say that this is why we should run pictures of big plays. I agree that you should try and get the best pictures in, but people will stick with the paper and identify with it when they see something they can remember. When my friend saw that photo, he said he was so excited because he got an idea for what this spin move actually looked like. “I was pumped because I didn’t see the play. I just saw him catch it and figured he was down. The next thing I know he’s in the end zone tossing the ball!” So keep that in mind for your editing. Big plays matter to those who are reading about the game.


Just as big plays are important, so are big players. Coming into this game, most of the talk was about the quarterbacks, Andre’ Woodson and Tim Tebow. Both are strong Heisman candidates, and this game was to be a great display of the two against quality competition. Tebow ran the ball over 20 times that game, and I think that is important to show to your viewers. He was a little banged up after the game and at first questionable due to bruises. The picture above is of Tebow running the ball in for a touchdown. It greatly emphasizes what was a key factor in the game. Rushing.


So being that this was about the quarterback battle and 20 year losing streak to the Gators, what have you realized that my take doesn’t have much of? Andre’ Woodson. I failed to capture anything that stands out. I have typical quarterback pictures. The hand off. The throw. But I wanted pictures like the one above, where I can see his face, know it’s about him and get a feel for him. I didn’t do it this game.

So the rest are just for your enjoyment. I would really like to hear some critiques from you guys. Tell me which pictures you don’t like. If you think some don’t work for reasons I say they do, please tell me. I do all the talking around here, but I’m doing this to learn. So rip me up. Give me a hard time. Tell me what sucks, and tell me what you like.  It helps me and you, because I believe it’s good to know why you like a picture or what you don’t. So find the comment button. Hit it. And let the keys patter.






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