ROAD TRIP to Washington DC!!!

I’ve been waiting for today since early September.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve probably been more excited about getting to drive for 8 hours straight than why I’m actually leaving. I guess I should explain the latter.

Some of you may remember the Kernel being awarded a Pacemaker for general excellence. We were in St. Louis the night the St. Louis Cardinals won the world series, then won what is the Pulitzer of college journalism for our entire staff. That meant we were one of the top four papers in the country.

This year, we have not been nominated to win a Pacemaker as a staff. But four of us are up for individual awards. Keith Smiley and myself are finalists for photography in two different categories. You can go to this site about the Pacemaker  to see what categories. Sean Rose is a finalist for reporter of the year. And Chris DeLotell and Sean are finalists for story of the year.

For the past two years this has been the most anticipated weekend of my semester, and by far the most enjoyable. Win or lose this weekend, I know I’m going to have fun with my friends plowing into Washington DC at full speed.

So, you know me. I’ll be posting pictures, updates, and a recap on Monday night. So, come back. Check out what’s going on.


One Response to “ROAD TRIP to Washington DC!!!”

  1. GOOD LUCK BRAD!!!! I can’t wait to see the photos from the trip!!

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