The backbone is there, just give it some character

I stumbled across Rebekah Workman’s site via a site I’ve been using, I recognized her name, so wanted to check it out.
She is a good photographer and I really like her work. Her blog, Black Tape, isn’t updated that often, but you should play through it and then her light stalkers page.

I think you will be inspired through looking at her work. One of the best ways to become a better photographer, in my opinion, is look at work that is better than what you know how to do. Recognizing good work helps you to try and think about how it was done, copy it, but also improve it. This doesn’t go down to exact ideas. I mean everything. You see a photo with motion blur and wonder how they did it, so you learn it. Or you see an interesting composition and check into it, and end up learning about the six foot-six rule. 

Dave LaBelle told me about how he and a group of photographers would meet once a week and brainstorm together. They weren’t trying to copy off each other, but build. He always told me it was good to like an idea and take it. Make it your own picture.

I’ve always thought of this idea as similar to songs (and for some of you this will be a stretch). A lot of times you hear someone say that they like a cover of a song so much more than the original. The song that always comes to mind for me is “All along the watch tower” by Jimi Hendrix, or Bob Dylan, if you know the truth.  Dylan composed the song, constructed lyrics and verses and choruses. Hendrix took it and made it bold (not as love) and energetic. Many, myself included, like Hendrix’s version better. But Hendrix came along, saw the idea, built on it and fixed what he thought should be different.

Take that. Stick it to your favorite photo. See if you can’t out shoot some of your heroes.


2 Responses to “The backbone is there, just give it some character”

  1. Good point Brad; I agree. What photographer do you look up to??

  2. Ok, pretend that I didn’t say that! I mean, you only said who in your first sentence!!

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