They even love it when you’re faking it

gamedaybjl10202007115.jpgExcellent expressions and good light ran wild on UK’s campus three weeks ago.

Photographers could scan the mass and take their pickings of gigs worth of great faces as emotional fans screamed their heads off in support of their teams. In a pure love of their team, they cheered, jumped and waved their arms.

Not hardly.


Meet the real reasons fans let loose all their emotions on Oct. 20. EPSN’s College GameDay was in town, and fans came from all corners of not only Kentucky, but the galaxy to see this show. Others returned from the dead.



I love shooting sports and sporting events, such as this, but what I don’t like about it is the lack of reality. Sure you have all of these great faces, like the picture at the top where the guy is yelling, but I feel that unless you show what is really going on, you’re lying to your audience. I see a lot of photographers do that. They hone right in on the sound of cheers when a TV photographer is waving his hand in the air trying to get the crowd pumped up. Sometimes you’ll see one or two photographers who aren’t really with a big newspaper or magazine, they’re just a fan with a camera. They’re usually the ones to hit those scenes up first.


I feel that if you’re going to shoot that kind of enthusiasm you have to show the catalyst. It doesn’t matter if everyone else is shooting it, you don’t have to. But if you’re going to, think about what you want to say. We are journalist. We tell the truth. And truthfully, these fans were excited to get on TV, not because they love their team.


I found a few fun ways of showing this aspect of GameDay. I like the picture above because it lets you see the cause and effect. The camera is directly causing all the number one signs.


Amidst all of the “fake excitement” I was able to find the true emotion. These two were truly excited to get up front. This is a celebration they didn’t know was going to be on camera.


You can look at the rest of these, and ask if you would have shot it or not. Really it was kind of difficult battling this out in my mind, is it ethical to only shoot this and not include this? It’s kind of like when you’re a game shooting a candid photo of a fan, and they see you. So they point to their friends, and everyone starts holding up number ones and pointing at you. So what do you do then? Do you shoot it? I don’t. I put my camera down and watch from the corner of my eye to see if the moment comes back or if it’s gone. Usually it’s gone.

The question I always think of, is if you wouldn’t consider it ethical to photograph when it happens to you, why would you shoot it if someone else is doing it?






3 Responses to “They even love it when you’re faking it”

  1. captureamoment Says:

    i looove that cause and effect picture.

  2. Great job Brad…I love these.

  3. Nice separation on the third to last picture. :)

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