He had a job to do

Blogger note: This was supposed to come to you with pictures. Elliott gave me a card with them once, and I got in a pinch and had to format over his card to use it. Then he hasn’t had time to send me anything, so I’ll just bite my lip and admit this could have been better. But this is Elliott’s take on the LSU game. I like his perspective, so I think it’s useful without the pictures. 

My name is Elliott. I take pictures that no one looks at or thinks are good.

I enjoy shooting football games but for the longest time I have not figured out the secret to shooting them or the best approach. This game I decided to concentrate on what was in front of me and that’s it. Not what was across the field or in front of Brad. I tried to stay in the same spot the majority of the game. Turns out it was the spot that presented me with the winning touch down photo.

This game I realized that Ed and Brad were there too and I didn’t need to get every single play of the game. I shot tight and I shot wide and if I didn’t get I knew Brad or Ed had the frame.

Overall this is my best game. Not because of my pictures, because I learned the most out of this game. (We split up a game plan and) I had a job to do and I was going to do it, come hell or high water.

Ed, Brad and I decided before the game that in case UK won the game what we were going to do. Ed had the coach, Brad had Andre’ Woodson and I had Wesley Woodyard. And that’s what I did. After the LSU’s failed touchdown attempt, I ran the field with the best of them. Starting on the opposite side of the field that I needed to be on, so I had to punch a few, screaming at the top of there lungs, fans and crying little kids in the face to get to where I needed to be and fast.

I knew where the moms sit and just assumed that Wesley would be there kissing his mom. I was right. I got there as he was walking up to hug his dad. Then to his mom. A big hug and a kiss. I knew I got the picture, but I looked at my camera anyway. A smile was quick to follow and I walked off back to the press room and took about 100 pictures on the way. One I really liked of a kid with his cell phone didn’t make the paper.

I guess what I learned most with this game is be patient and shoot what’s you happens in front of you. Yes follow the players down the field to a certain extent. David Stephenson called the Kernel today to tell me “good job” on the final catch and that our coverage of the game was better then their own. Hopefully that will be the case from now on.


One Response to “He had a job to do”

  1. elliott, i don’t like your pictures either. just kidding, good effort at the football game and for being chosen for Hearst. Congrats.

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