Turning tribal

Mary Margaret Wayne displays her newest tattoo, which runs from her wrist to her forearm. The tattoo only took 15 minutes for Wayne to receive, and will likely last a total of 7-8 hours, depending on what time she woke up this morning to shower.

This may be the first time, and most likely last, that I wished my girlfriend’s tribal art was real.

After we had both studied for the entire day we took a half an hour break last night and I asked Mary Margaret if I could give her a tattoo. She actually told me yes this time, so I whipped out my pen (not tattoo gun, sorry to those of you who just figured out Mary Margaret doesn’t have a 10″ tattoo on her wrist). After about 15 minutes of sketching on her skin, I was pretty proud of my concocted design. “Let’s take a picture,” I said.

Marge probably didn’t realize I meant portrait. I posed her by her computer, turned off her light and pulled the lamp by the computer over. Once being satisfied with my light, I shot a little over 30 frames. Firing two or three in a row to ensure focus with my slow shutter, I would recompose her and the light every so often. All of this taking an additional five minutes.

I didn’t know how satisfied with the portrait I was until I loaded them onto my computer this morning. It kind of sucks that it’s not real. It throws the caption off.

So, Mary Margaret, what do you say you and I take a quick trip to Africa and see where the quickest place to get a tattoo might be?


3 Responses to “Turning tribal”

  1. Danny Luttrell Says:

    Question: Do you now have a “lap dog” too?

  2. The tribal people were happy to get the rain (my shower).
    I danced with them until they disappeared.
    The rain stick worked.

  3. Nice tat, Marge.

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