Fellow photo editors, help me out

It’s very hard to edit you own work.

This is the same for any type of work (come on, step out of the photo realm for two seconds with me). Teachers tell you not to edit your own papers. You wrote it. It’s your ideas, you know what they’re supposed to say. You can’t critique your own art. After pouring hours into something, you don’t know if it’s the emotion you dumped onto a canvas or the actual outcome.

And it’s the same with photography. We know what thought we have harnessed behind the lens, it’s just a matter of finding out if we relayed that. We are also artist, and the amount of time we shift to firing the shutter can also have an affect on home much we actually like the picture.

Which is why I come to you now. I saw a very graphic moment happening yesterday during a story I have been shooting. I shot it every way I could figure out. I’m not asking you if I nailed it. I know I can get this better some day in the future. I’m asking you, which of these is the best? Even if you have never critiqued a photo before, you still have an opinion.

Mary Margaret said she didn’t like a center piece the other day. I personally thought it was pretty good. I asked her why, and she said because it took me too long to figure out what was going on. I didn’t have any clue as to what the story might be until reading the story. She made a fine point. I knew the assignment, so I fully understood the moment. But our viewers may not have.

Please, you the viewer, which of these is your favorite?









All photos on Beyond the map stars are copy written to Brad Luttrell

8 Responses to “Fellow photo editors, help me out”

  1. def. number four. It’s the cleanest (no night poles or trees) and i didn’t even realize there were people up there until i saw the other guy pointing.

  2. that last one was from ed

  3. captureamoment Says:

    one or two. i get the idea from all of them, and the colors add that much more. nice.

  4. captureamoment Says:

    plus in 4 it looks like he has a gimp arm

  5. Two: I agree with Britney that the light is what makes that one stand out. Four is very, very clean, but it also is very, very dim and gloomy. Three also makes him look like he’s doing the evil fingers and One has the confusing baton in mid-air.

    Good pictures, though.

  6. while i like number one because you can see the baton from the twirlers, it’s also confusing because i had trouble finding where the baton came from. i personally like number two the best; while it may not be the cleanest, i like his arms out and the lighting. if you had a change to shoot this again, i think i’d try something like three or four but from the other side.

  7. Keith Smiley Says:

    Well, you know how I feel about silhouettes, so I’ll put that aside. In Dave-style, I want to say “close” — I feel like there’s too much clutter in all of them to be really grabbing images. Compositionally, I think 2 and 4 have the most going for them, and I would say look for a crop in those two; I think you can crop out some leg and ladder to get a picture that reads faster. If the guy pointing from the tower in 4 had a head, then that might make 4 my favorite just because of the layering. I like the added color in 1 and 2 (monotone clouds like in 3 and 4 can be pretty cool, but you need crazier-looking clouds). So sticking those together, I suppose 2. I would probably crop out the light pole (or is it a UFO tethered to the ground?) and crop from the bottom. You’re not really losing his feet because they’re already merged with the ladder, and you are losing the UK logo, but remember that if there are words in a photo, the first thing your eye does is read them, which isn’t what you want to happen in this picture. I think cropping will emphasize his body motion and the kind of interesting shape of the tower behind him. A little careful toning will probably get some of the pink in the clouds to pop out without losing highlights.

    I feel like I just used way too much lingo.

  8. toppcat0509 Says:

    I don’t know much about this, but I like two the best. It was between one and two because I liked the light in both of them, but I chose two because of the distracting baton in one. (From Kristin)

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