Turkey day break, dying down


Thanksgiving is over. Everyone is nearly tired of leftovers. And any serious shoppers hit up the stores for Christmas gifts yesterday when you could purchase the hottest of new commodities for 10 percent of their true price (but still enough to get the vendor out of the red).

So now that the lights are hitting the roofs, plastic Santa and his cronies are crashing lawns on streets near you, and eggnog will start being served at every social gathering until the new year, let’s take a step to the next holiday: Christmas (I’m just sticking to Christmas, if you’re offended, insert your own holiday here: ______________).

I’m not very good at portraits. Especially under pressure.

It’s a lot easier to take portraits when you have compliant subjects. I tried to shoot a portrait of my family who came down for Thanksgiving, but without everyone willing to stand still for at least five minutes, it’s hard to balance the light between 8 staggered people, especially when one of those is yourself.

So that portrait didn’t really turn out well enough to show off. But I do like the ones I shot of my family enough to show you. It’s not like a portrait you would run in the paper, but I think it’s great for what my mom wanted it for.


And then since we had the lights set up, I went ahead and took some fun portraits, such as this one and the one at the top. I appreciate Ed letting me borrow his equipment to shoot these.


What has my break equaled? Very little homework accomplished. A few decent pictures. A heartbreaking loss to the team I hate more than any other. But I know I still have plenty to be thankful for, but I wont bore you with my thanks. If you’re interested in that, check out Chase Jarvis’ newest blog.

I hope you all have enjoyed your break, from either your job, school or just routine. To those of us at UK, lock it in. The hardest week of the semester is yet to come.


One Response to “Turkey day break, dying down”

  1. Not willing to stand still for five minutes? You are such a liar! I stood there and read a book!!!! And if my pictures turned out bad, its because I’m ugly not impatient! ha ha

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