In the labor of light

I guess his pictures aren’t as bad as we say. In fact, it turns out he’s pretty talented.

Assistant photo editor to the Kentucky Kernel, photographer and friend, Elliott Hess, is putting out great work almost daily on his newly established blog. If you’re looking for a place to be inspired (or grossed out on his most recent post), this guy is always looking to outshoot you.

When he first said he wanted to shoot for National Geographic it seemed cute at best. His portfolio had pictures of his cousin and his dog. Now when he says he wants to be the next James Nachtwey, I fear he’ll single handedly put vii out of business.

I admire him more than he knows. I love his work, and him. He’s going to be one of my favorite photographers one day. I hope I continue to get chances to work with him beyond our opportunities here in Lexington.

So without any more delay, come see what all of the fuss is about. But don’t spend too long, he’s probably out practicing right now. You don’t want to get behind.

Elliott Hess Photography:Labor of light


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