Define tomorrow

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” An emcee told a crowd of hundreds to put their hands in the air. An armed robber stepped to a bank and told everyone to put their hands inthe air. A Christian minister gives his benediction while the congregation hold their hands in the air. Love the image of the happy Buddha with his hands in the air. Hands up if you’re confused, define tomorrow.”

-Saul Williams, Penny for a thought

Relativity. It’s all relative, as Jack Johnson said. And kind of what Williams is saying in the Penny for a thought.

For the most part, I say armpit pictures aren’t worth running. But it’s more important to understand a rule than to just abide by it. It’s like how Picasso loved to work outside of the boundaries. He could paint a picture better than you can take one with a camera, but where is the challenge in showing it as you already see it?

At the Kernel earlier in the semester, it came up that you should run faces on the front of the newspaper. In discussion, Carla Winn brought up the point that there are times you can break a rule. It’s true in photography. And I don’t think you have to become Picasso-de-photo to grasp this concept.

I’m just a student. I give a lot of strong opinions, right here on Beyond the map stars. Things I learn from others and things I just figure out on my own, mostly through failure. Well I took photos that I liked tonight, and yes, they are armpit pictures. So I’m going to give my reasoning on what I think made these good armpit pictures. None of which are great. I didn’t shoot any winner winner chicken dinners tonight. But it’s hard shooting a portfolio picture every time you take on an assignment. Unless you’re Elliott.


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