How do you like your fruit? Soggy?

““I want to be a wanderer,” I told him and laughed at my own answer. “I want to be important to someone, to be remembered. I want to be brave and I want to be smart and I want to be loved. And I want to be passionate and spontaneous.” He was laughing with me by the end of my list.“I believe you will be all of those things,” he said, “maybe you are already those things.”

I’m scared, I told him. Scared that he is wrong that I am none of these things. That I am only cautious and that people will only think I’m aimless in my wandering.

“Not all who wander are aimless,” Mr. Kelly says, “and if I am sure of anything, I’m sure you are brave.”

-Blair Thomas, about her friend Mr. Kelly, on her blog, Soggy Fruit

Blair thankfully has a fulltime photographer following her around.
Photo by Elliott Hess

Digging around on my blog, looking at my stats, I found her.

I found her in my referrer list. I had no idea who this was, or if I even knew this person who was linking to my site. I clicked and just started digging through her blog.

What I found was some of the best thought out and most well written material on the blogosphere. I’m not exaggerating. Heck, I’m not even flattering her. She is the author of the most beautiful blog I have been able to add to my Bookmarks.

I’m becoming a better writer just from reading her work. And even if you’re not interested in writing, you will become a better philosopher.

That’s how I’m coming to see Blair’s blog. She deals with everyday life experiences and finds so much more than a hassle. Sometimes life is too complicated, and sometimes we’re over complicating it. She’s appreciating it either way, and I can appreciate that.

Her blog is everything I wish I could give to my readers. So since I can’t write as well as her, I figure I should just give you the link:

Come find Blair Thomas and her short masterpieces at Soggy Fruit


3 Responses to “How do you like your fruit? Soggy?”

  1. Photo by : Elliott Hess

  2. I definitely didn’t make that comment. I do believe that was Elliott.

  3. Is this my 15 minutes of fame?

    Thanks, Brad… you make me look good. And I’m glad you enjoy my blog and took time to write about it. I don’t think you take enough credit for the number of people who you’ve inspired or at least motivated into starting a blog, and in turn a world of their own. As much as I love to write, I don’t think my blog will ever see the dedication that you pay to yours. It’s interesting to look back at your previous entries and read today’s. You’ve come so far, not in writing or picture-taking (don’t tell Elliott I called photography picture taking) but as a person. Every entry is you- but being yourself isn’t ever a definite or clear thing and any of us reading can see you evolve. And I don’t know exactly where it happens- but it does.

    Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to. It’s great that you’ve let everyone follow you in that discovery.


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