Wake up, the sun is rising without you

Blogger note: I’ve noticed that some of my photos show up horrible on other computers after I tone them. I’m not really sure what is up and my quality is so poor. It’s mostly on Macs, so if you’re on a Mac looking at my site and the pictures aren’t very well toned, that’s why. I promise you they’re perfect on my computer.

Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s rocked the Dame last night with Cabin and another group that I only caught the tail end of and their name slips my mind. If you know let me know so I can post it.

It was nice to get a break last night.

I have been working so much trying to promote UKPJ, working for the Kentuckian and designing once a week for the Kernel, it’s been wearing on me. I study in between doing all of that and it’s left me with almost no free time.

Yesterday was a dream. We got a crew of UKPJers and Mary Margaret came with me, and we all crashed Open Studio at the Reynolds Building. This is the annual presentation of their art work, and it was my first time. I’m kind of upset that I found out about it so late in my career here.

After an amazing time critiquing photos and other forms of art (yes, there are other forms) and free food we moved the party down to the Dame, where these great bands were playing.


I didn’t shoot much of Cabin, but I really tried to make a few good pictures of Margot. I love the band, and it was kind of special to get to try and make pictures that show that. The only one that was pretty good and really glorified them was the picture above. The exaggerated strips of light help to make the lead singer, Richard Edwards, have an aura of importance, which I guess is what I wanted.


I am getting more and more excited for the upcoming workshop in Evarts, Ky. I plan to reshoot my portfolio. I hope my UKPJers are getting pumped and also trying to think of their story. Remember, think of what you would tell the whole world if you could. Figure that out, and let us know. We’ll get it published somewhere.


4 Responses to “Wake up, the sun is rising without you”

  1. The pictures look great on my computer, and I’m on a mac in the maclab. I should be writing a paper. Oh well.

    As each day passes, I get more and more excited about this workshop. I also plan on reshooting my portfolio. I can’t wait.

  2. Wake up we’ve got a lot of things to do.
    Wake up the sun is rising without you.

    I love you and your blog. Let’s get really creative next semester and make something that will be remembered. I’ve been inspired by you and your brilliant leadership for multimedia. Woohoo!

  3. captureamoment Says:

    all I can think about lately is evarts, and when i lay in bed at night i try any figure out what story i would tell if i only had one left. i cant wait.

  4. […] get a bit repetitive. I didn’t move around as much as I did with Margot. I was basically just going for one solid wide frame. I have some decent tighter stuff, but over all […]

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