Cameras and caffeine

Photo by Julie Vachon

OK, I’m going to whip out some basic logic on you.

If I take a lot of pictures wherever I go, and the only place I have been is mostly coffee shops, then almost all of my pictures are from inside of coffee shops.

Follow that? Pretty simple.


Things I have noticed about coffee shops and pictures:

  • If you are trying to take pictures, you’re going to see a lot of the repetition of form. Pretty much everyone is looking like Mary Margaret in the frame above.
  • Coffee shop lighting isn’t always the easiest to shoot in, especially at night. This is most evident in the photo below. I am aware I have overtoned this picture, but around the third time of trying I said forget it. I don’t care if it looks bad.
  • A woman can sit and yack on the phone and throw out about a million “like, ums and whatevers” but as soon as you start to take pictures everyone gives you the eye.
  • After drinking way too much coffee and loading up on caffeine you will have a hard time only directing your attention to note cards and psychology books. At this point you have an excellent caffeine high and great mentality to make fun snappers of your friends.
  • No matter what coffee shop you are in, there will be friends there to distract you (and pick up your camera to take pictures of you).


I need a 75 on my psychology test to make a B in the class. If I can make a B in psychology, A in journalism, B in art, B in linguistics and C in philosophy I will pull the 3.0 GPA that my parents appreciate so much. I’m a little disappointed I wont be getting an A in linguistics or B in philosophy, but I have devoted way more time into passion than obligation. Even while I’m plowing through my notes, I’m itching to edit pictures, work on Kernel mixed media and Kentucky’s first competitive photography journal. I can’t wait to finish on Thursday so I can have three weeks of me. Accomplishing my goals. The ones that I don’t need a test to tell me how well I did.

Only four tests and four more days.


4 Responses to “Cameras and caffeine”

  1. I love it

  2. Oh, Coffea Island. I have yet to venture there to study, but apparently Lauren has made it her new home.

    I like the pictures. Good luck on those exams, kid.

  3. I love that top picture of you.

    Did you say you had a copy of photoshop I could use? I’ll need the Mac version, not the PC version.

  4. Keith Smiley Says:

    That place looks strangely familiar, as if I’m sitting in there right now.

    I’m hoping that if I nurse this bottomless cup long enough, I’ll get one of those caffeine highs you mention. So far, no luck.

    Half of the people at Coffea Island right now are familiar to me, yet I don’t know who any of them are. I see them every time I’m here, regardless of the hour. It’s only somewhat reassuring to know that no matter how much time I sink here, these other people will fritter away even more.

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