People I love (to work with)

Wouldn’t you know that Elliott is the center of attention? He is a riot.

As the semester turns, it’s time to reflect.

Really we’re only reflecting to last Friday, because that’s when all of these pictures were taken. But over the past semester I have had a great time working with the Kernel. I had a rough start this year but feel like I have made the best of the second half. This semester I played the role of photographer, designer and writer (once) for the Kernel. I was hired at the photo editor for the Kentuckian, which was a great honor. We now have a full photo staff in swing. And most recent: I am the new multimedia editor for the Kentucky Kernel.

All of this means I’ll be spending even more of my time in the basement of the Grehan Building, but I’m OK with that. I’m in good company. I thought I would give you just a little proof. Enjoy.

Reporter of the year Sean Rose works on his documentary about finger mustaches and attempts to capture a shot of one here, as seen on Edwardamus Mathewsimus, a rare site. Hidden to the side, Allie Garza works to document Sean’s documentation, which was already being documented by, me.

20080103margot_r_bjl005.jpg 20080107margot_r_bjl194.jpg 20080107margot_r_bjl213.jpg

Moments before this Elliott crammed popcorn in Blair’s mouth. Um. Blair hates popcorn. I should probably confess to holding her nose so Elliott could cram it in.
20080107margot_r_bjl217.jpg 20080107margot_r_bjl391.jpg 20080107margot_r_bjl336.jpg

Blair throws a Kernel at Julie and says, “I hate this place! You’ll never get me to copy edit another story!” Or maybe it was a joke. I can’t quite remember.


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