Working (harder and) together

We are on our way to major accomplishments.

I’m very proud of how far Ed, Elliott, Jim and I have pushed UKPJ in the past month. Through several exclusive meetings between us (and once Keith), entire staff meetings and two open houses for new photographers, we’re discovering ways that will help launch the program. We’re not only developing new ways to help the photographers we already have, but drive the a process to bring in (and retain) others.

Through working together in UKPJ, and not separately in the Kernel and the Kentuckian, we will be more efficient in our work, but we can’t be alone. We need the support of those other senior photographers (senior in the sense of leadership, not class year)*. I hope that never again will our groups bail on something as important as Atlanta. We should be a dominating presence when we travel, and can be if we have the support of our staff, and friends.

Our upcoming workshop will be a chance for our photographers to produce some amazing work, but hopefully everyone will realize that if you can find these stories in tiny Evarts, you can find them anywhere. People bring good stories, not location. But we will need to be united and have a presence to really get back on the right foot after Atlanta.

People ask me if I’m glad to get a break this Christmas. No. I don’t enjoy not having work to do. I don’t enjoy being useless. That’s why I have crammed my schedule as full as possible. In three weeks I can make a lot happen, and that’s something I hope the rest of our UK PJers are thinking about. Many of them have told me they have thought of projects they will work on over the break.

I’m closing in on my break. Health care ethics and linguistics finals are breathing down my throat and all I can think of are the following:

  • How many ways can I come up with to advertise the fact that UK not only has a yearbook, but a good annual documentation of this campus?
  • Am I going to be able to stay on track over break? I have so many projects and goals that I’m not sure where to begin or how to get all of this accomplished. What I do know is I will get it finished.
  • How can I make Kernel Mixed Media the most appealing multimedia site on the internet? Despite hating, I will have to start using it again to daily update the Kernel business page that I created (but haven’t pulished) today. To those of you I was friends with on facebook: I will not be using my old sign-in name.
  • Brainstorming ways to make a successful bi-annual photography book that will drive competition between the UK PJers and art studio students.
  • Will today be day five of going home to find dirty dishes and moldy, stagnant, nasty water in the sink at my house? Most likely.
  • What am I doing with my summer?
  • I’m going to make a portfolio story next week Evarts, Ky. I hope we have a great turnout to make it up to Jim, but most importantly help build our program. We have to be well represented.
  • If I had one story left to tell, what would it be?

Most importantly, I’m wondering how I will tell the story of how coal mining has changed my life without ever having to use a headlamp. In my head it’s all floating around and slowly coming together, the way deadline reporters do when trying to find a place to type. With two tests left, I feel like they’re just in my way and keeping me from doing what is really important, which is good story telling.

Two days from now I’ll be jumping full speed into completing all my goals listed above and probably rediscovering a few that I’ve managed to let slide along the way.

Between the lines:
We need the support of those other senior photographers (senior in the sense of leadership, not class year).”

Please check out these photo blogs. Many of them are new, and I am proud to be working with people who are trying so hard:



2 Responses to “Working (harder and) together”

  1. captureamoment Says:

    That whole one story left to tell quesiton is killing me these days. …

    want to go to phoenix park with me tomorrow?

  2. You’ve got me more motivated than ever, pal. These finals are killing me, but after tomorrow I’m done. Let’s go picture hunting.

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