Did you see it?


I enjoyed today’s weather more than yesterday.

Yesterday: warm, sunny, 65 degrees with a slight breeze.
Today: raining on my walk to the coffee shop this morning, cloudy all day and about 15 degrees colder than yesterday with numbing wind blowing across my face.

Today was still better.

Almost any day when I get to make pictures instead of cooping up in a coffee shop is better. While I have grown to love Coffea Island for the characters who infest it and its Sumatra, I still prefer to be roaming Lexington with friends and no agenda.


For the most part we didn’t shoot a lot. After a very awkward run-in with a homeless guy we just piddled about Main Street looking for activity. About half way through I realized I was missing pictures. Seeing, but not seeing. It changed when we were allowed into a construction site to shoot (which really only lasted until their supervisor realized we had not only cut through the gap in the fence but didn’t have hard hats on). In about 15 minutes I made some decent pictures, but wish I had done better. The picture above was very close to being a lot better, but it didn’t line out. I still like it, but it’s a bit confusing.


Walking back to the car we came across the two pictures below. They’re not great pictures, and I’m not even sure the one at the bottom is worth loading up, but I figured I would toss it in just because I like thinking about this frame. He’s immediately going for a cigarette after getting out of the building. I kind of wonder if he had a hard day, or if maybe he got a promotion and just wanted to calm his nerves from all the excitement. Maybe he just smokes 3 packs a day, or maybe he’s trying to quit and squeezing one more in before he goes home to his wife.

I’m ready to shoot some meaningful pictures though. All of these doing pictures can be nice, but they lack any emotion. All pictures don’t have to have emotion. But I wish a few of these did.




4 Responses to “Did you see it?”

  1. captureamoment Says:

    I like the “confusing” one. its artsy. in a good way. i put up two of my picturs, but not a bunch cuz i liked my nursing home ones better. lol.

  2. Brad– Thanks for the comments. I actually just threw up a hail marry on that image. It didn’t really work out the way I wanted to. I might have needed some more players in and faces in the frame. I’ll deffinitly check out the blog in the future.
    – Alex

  3. you said something about how everyone seems to be shooting…or rather, toning, in black in white, yesterday, but i think we never really finished the conversation.

    anyways, i’ve noticed that most of us have been turning our pictures into B&W, and i was wondering what you thought about it.

    also, someone filched the card reader at the Kernel. i’ll get my pictures up soon. ish. soonish.

  4. captureamoment Says:

    i wanted to finish that conversation too! My rule of thumb is, if the colors do not help the photo, i usually end up in black and white. maybe were becoming more “arty.” haha.

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