Now it’s time to push the envelope

Semester’s end, and my head is still spinning. Finals are over, and I sit on top of my best semester yet and yet still, my work is not complete. But first:

The recap

* Jim Winn was hired to replace Dave LaBelle as photo adviser to student publications. Jim’s arrival overlapped Dave’s departure. While I miss Dave as much as I missed my family when I was with him this summer, I must say that Jim Winn has inspired me as much as I have been during my time at UK. He has put a fire inside of me that feels like it could last my entire career. Something clicked this semester.

* Worked with a professional team of photojournalist in Painstville, Ky in UK’s fall workshop, Picture Kentucky. I worked with Allie Garza to produce a multimedia story about Butcher Hollow. It was a blast and I learned so much from John Sale and all of the other coaches.

* I was a finalist for best picture story at the Associate Collegiate Press awards in Washington DC and placed third in front page design. I fell short of placing with an honorable mention for my photos, but I still enjoyed the experience.

* After slowing my pace with the Kernel, I became the photo editor of the Kentuckian (and at the time the only photo member on the staff). We now have a team of photographers who are eager to learn and help. We have also created another position, assistant photo editor, for Allie to help with what is expected to be a hectic semester.

* Most recently, I have been hired as the multimedia and online editor of the Kernel, which is by far the biggest position I have held at the Kernel. I am very proud that Chris asked me to do it, and I am so, so, so excited to do the best job I can in producing a site, creating a production team and telling stories. You’ll be hearing plenty about this. Don’t worry.

Up to speed:

I could probably blog for days about this burning inspiration that I have acquired this semester. I hope to pass it off to the rest of our Kernelites, but my main focus is to produce good work and expand my abilities by as much as possible this semester. I expect myself to be able to shoot video, edit it in Final Cut Pro and produce a product that I can load onto my own site all in a day and a half or less by mid semester.

I have so many goals for this break, all before I ever get back to Lexington to start a new term. At least next semester I will be diving into some journalism classes (although the one I wanted most, video, didn’t work out). I’ll just have to make the most out of my opportunities with UK PJ to learn video.

I still say the Kernel is the best classroom on campus for photography. I will never back down from that idea. Put as much time into the Kernel as possible and go to class when you can. I pulled my 3.0 this semester, and my parents were proud (not just happy about the money as I have over exaggerated too many times on here), but my dad was sure to let me know that they’re proud of the work I do outside of the classroom.

That means more to me than any compliments for memorizing definitions for syncope and metathesis and cramming my brain with psychological behaviors. I’m happy to be able to make good grades, but you can only learn so much from the textbook.

I really appreciate how my parents appreciate that what I do is important to me, and that my profession is important to the community. They have been so supportive and I thank them for keeping an open mind to my impractical behavior of condemning classes and spending my college career in a basement throughout all hours of the day.

I hope to have an even better Spring semester. I’m nearly positive I will with all of the changes happening. What changes you ask? Mmm, I haven’t had time to go through those details. So much is going on in my head right now.

I’ll get back to you on that.


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