Bringing back the landscapes

I did more than just stand on top of a mountain and take about 60 pictures of a city I couldn’t see through the fog yesterday.

I really enjoy shooting landscapes, and I think they’re good training. This summer taught me a lot about photography through shooting the land. But as much as it’s about the land, it’s not “things you can see from the road,” as I heard a fellow say this summer. As Dave will call one of his upcoming books, it’s more like, “This land I love.” Don’t just stand there and shoot the picture from the car, or pull into the turnout and shoot from the overlook.


More and more this is what I’m pushing myself to do, especially since the workshop. I thought I was doing that, but apparently I wasn’t. It’s not obvious that I’m trying hard enough, so I’ll keep climbing hilltops and getting as dirty as need be until it’s proving for pictures. (Apply all this talk of mountains and getting dirty metaphorically, not literally. Unless you’re just a hippie or in love with the outdoors. Then that’s OK).


I almost spilled into the road on this one. I was scaling down from the parking above me. Then I climbed on down to take the picture below.


These next pictures seemed like they were going to be cooler than they were. I pulled over to shoot this cliff that hangs over the road. It looked like Colorado. I climbed up into it and shot a few pictures looking down, but they’re really not anything extraordinary.






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3 Responses to “Bringing back the landscapes”

  1. captureamoment Says:

    OK, here comes critique number one you asked for… lol.

    I really like the first one, but I might like to see it wider. Im curious about the curves of the road. I really like how the trees in the middle are separated from the outside edges by the fog… not sure if that makes sense or not. With this whole black and white discussion, i might like to see the top in b&w. I like fog pictures in b&w.

    Not too fond of the colorado truck/rock photos, the feel isnt there. I think for that composition/ greyishness you need a person to be the focal point. a person in a red sweater. :) But seroiusly, the cars just make me feel too disattached.

    good layers and colors in the second.

    and the last picture is just beautiful… but im biased. haha.

  2. i really enjoyed the first one as well. you combine fog and trees and things become “mist”ical. no seriously though i love parallel worlds in photographs and in the picture the two roads despite being the same road go to completely different places giving the viewer a sense of wonder and adventure. compositionally the separation is spot on. nice picture.

  3. I love that first picture. Something about the roads being uneven and the fog is just… well, really cool. The second photo kind of confuses me, but I find it interesting… the rest of the pictures are cool but don’t compare to that first one. I really like it. :)

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