Bringing in a new year

I hope you had a fun and safe new year. But let’s be quick about this.

 I didn’t slept much two nights ago. Woke up early. Drove to Nashville. Covered a game. Brought in the new year in a hotel room watching the world’s most shocking car crashes with the guys (summer crew). Didn’t sleep much last night. Drove to Louisville this morning. Now I’m really tired.

I had more fun with the three of them than I did actually covering the game. Reasons vary. I hate covering games with ESPN for one thing. And I’m growing to not really care about shooting sports action. The moments after the time the clock runs out were what made for nice photos, so that was nice.

But I got what I needed. Pictures are to come. Don’t be hasty. I need time to catch my breath.


One Response to “Bringing in a new year”

  1. happy new year. you picked the best day to come to louisville: it’s snowing.

    i liked what i saw on the kernel website. can’t wait to see your edit of your bowl game pictures.

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