Music City Bowl – Action

 The more and more I shoot sports, the less I care about action.

Action photos are a dime a dozen, and I believe it takes careful planning to make a unique one, or a fluke play. I know it’s debatable. It’s easy to claim that if you shoot certain moments repeatedly you’ll get the surprise. I know. I had one of those moments last year when Wesley Woodyard broke Michael Bush’s leg. I had the picture of his leg bending, and an official who was also evading a tackle got in the way and ruined the frame. Had I been more experienced, I would have known not to be standing in that position and that it was likely to get blocked there. I know that now.

There is an art to shooting sports. I just don’t care much for it anymore. Dave always told me the good pictures aren’t the action. It’s taken me a long time to fully appreciate that. Some never will. Even after the bowl game the Courier-Journal ran a full spread of photos, nearly all of which were action.

I’m comfortable that I can make the shots, even with a 70-200 without an extender. Most of the big plays are going to happen within 30 yards from the goal line. You can get the best pics without 3,000 dollar lenses, most of the time.

I have the reaction to come. I’m breaking up my photos into categories, so I can get balanced comments on the types. Tomorrow good light pictures will show up, and after that you’ll see the reaction.

Thanks for reading.

Fumble from Woodson.

Second hit on a sack.

Over celebrating a touchdown. Penalty enforced on the kickoff.

QB runs the ball. I like this one because it’s hard to get this kind of separation and have everything around the player working for you instead of against.





All photos from the Music City Bowl are the property of UKphotojournalism and the Kentuckian. You do not have permission to take these photos they are the property of this publication and Brad Luttrell. If you are interested in an Music City Bowl photos, please contact for more information.


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