Music City Bowl – Light

This is one of my favorite pics from the game for the light and body language of Andre’ Woodson. He looks focused and is an obvious leader. Even if you don’t know who he is, this photo tells you he is important.

Football stadiums do amazing things to light.

They bend, break, interrupt and mold it into beautiful pockets that create excellent photos. All you have to do is wait. We realized that the good light wasn’t going to last until gametime, so we all hit the field shooting warmups. We were lurking like ligers on the sidelines, prancing along the boundaries basically trying to piss off the photo marshals.

I ripped this idea from Keith and didn’t get the exact shot I wanted, which was more movement than the players just walking. The separation is still nice and it is different.

In an ideal situation you can get gameplay in these pockets of light. Since this game started later in the day there was no chance. Just think how nice it would be to have Dicky Lyons Jr. leaping into the air to catch a pass in that pocket where Andre’ is standing. Or what if you have Micah Johnson lifting up the FSU quarterback and slamming him, and the only thing in light is Johnson’s upper body and the QB.

This photo might be overtoned, but I wanted to emphasize what was going on. (And I’ve read that wordpress photos need to be overtoned to show up correctly…so let me know how it looks). Wesley Woodyard is pumping up his D-line.

I mostly focused on catching Rafeal Little, Keenan Burton, Wesley Woodyard, Steve Johnson, Jacob Tamme and Andre’ Woodson in these pockets. They’re the significant seniors. They’ve made this team who they are and they’re the story.

It had been questionable that Keenan Burton would play. I knew that and was watching for him. If he didn’t play, it may have been a part of a story. So if we needed a picture of him, what better one than this?

We’re story tellers. Catching Lone Seiber in the light doesn’t really say anything, except maybe, “Hey, this guy has a really white uniform because kickers rarely get tackled!” So once you find the light at the stadium, watch for the players you need to make the picture.

I hope these teases your brain a bit. Give me your side and help me learn too. I hope you enjoyed the frames.

But as always with UKphotojournalism photos, you do not have permission to take these down from the site. They’re the property of the Kentuckian and myself. If you’re interested, email Also, while my opinions are the best ones, the Kentuckian would probably not step out to say that they are with me on basically anything I say. So don’t call them complaining because I made fun of kickers.


3 Responses to “Music City Bowl – Light”

  1. I see what you mean about that photo being overtoned. To be honest with you, though, I didn’t even notice it until I tried to look for what you had overtoned. The two guys you framed him up with are, I think, a little too big in the picture, and that might be why I was distracted/confused.

    My favorite of these is the second one. I love the shadows, and I think that was pretty clever.

  2. I love how Andre Woodson seems to know that there’s perfect light on him and he’s soaking it all in. Nice pictures, pal.

  3. I LOVE the Andre Woodson first pic. It’s gorgeous. Good job!

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