People are made up of water and fear

School is today.

That means I start going to class and thinking about work all the time, which also happens to be my most passionate hobby so it’s really a round the clock deal. I’ll try to work my night schedule with Mary Margaret’s morning schedule. It seems we’ll be treading a rough semester to her, but I feel we’ll pull it out.  Today is her last first day of school. I have at least two more after this.

Since I was in pre-school my mom always took pictures of me on my way out the door. I’m starting to close in on my final days, and after this semester it’s time to think if I want to go to grad school or hit the real world, and the underlying question to that: Am I considering grad school to give myself time to figure things out?

I hope not.


Whoops, I missed. All in all, I have seen times when more education pays (literally). But I also know that most of the photo greats, the giants, didn’t have a pj degree. Heck, some of them don’t even have degrees. But what’s right for this guy? My mom and dad have been totally supportive in what seems like a reckless career to other parents. I hope I can take all of these first days and make them worth something.



5 Responses to “People are made up of water and fear”

  1. captureamoment Says:

    you always bite your lip when you do self portraits. haha its cute.

  2. have a good semester.

  3. You should have taken my picture. Usually I have a roommate do that for me but didn’t today. This semester is also the first time I did not lay out my “first day of class outfit.” Sad.

    My teacher today said “Hold your breath. You won’t have a chance to come up for air until March.”
    See you in seven weeks after I emerge from my library cubby hole.

  4. That comment was from me. Not you. I can’t seem to get away from lenscapremoved.

  5. I understand going to grad school just to buy time.
    …That’s my plan.

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