It’s not just so we can leave anymore

Last semester we reached our readers well over half a million times through the Web.

The exact number of hits on from semester beginning to end was 572,767, a number that surprised me when I looked into our stats. It should be obvious to all of us that the days of putting online content on the backburner need to end.

Our readers are coming to us more than in the morning and there is no reason we can’t provide content. As we provide the material, they will begin to use the site more.

Traditionally, we all put our online content to the last of our cares as we work on the hallowed print edition, trying to tweak it to perfection and capture one day’s news as wholly as possible. After our PDFs are sent and reporters and photographers have long flown the coop, we load up our online content. The only time we upload before print edition is for game stories and major, major breaking news.

I’m not pushing for any changes that would sacrifice quality. Together we can increase the quality of our newspaper.

With our earlier deadlines, isn’t it possible to be able to publish stories sooner? It would be great if every desk would think of ways that we could work together to get content online faster.

Please come to me with ideas. I am looking forward to working with you this semester as we strive to make our content more accessible for our readers, but most of all provide our community with great journalism.


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