Pinhole – simple camera. Results – God awful photos.

An idea I picked up from Jim in Evarts, I tried it out recently. My first attempts at pinhole photography were some of the worst photos I have ever taken. I did learn a few things about light, and that I need to clean my sensor.

But, I have researched a bit and think I have a much better understanding of how to do it now. It seems I was a bit impatient for pinhole photography. So as I learn you’ll learn.

My setup was basically a body cap that I drilled a hole in the center and laid a piece of paper over and tried different sized holes. It’s a bit cheaper than those fancy lenses we haul, but obviously the quality sucked. I am convinced I can make good pictures this way though. Look for it.







One Response to “Pinhole-e-o”

  1. captureamoment Says:

    you should try making a pinhole camera out of a cardboard box and use film when jim gets that darkroom set up. its sooo hard.

    But major props for experimenting. i kinda like the fuzziness of it all. it has a distinct feel. i might have to bum the idea off of jim too.

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