One star for effort

Before I even start, I don’t want any of that you’re too hard on yourself crap. My standards are high because life’s standards are high. I expect the best out of myself. Today I didn’t achieve.


Assignment: stop motion and blurred motion. Well, it turned out to be really freaking sunny but 19 degrees. It turns out people don’t move very fast when it’s cold. And stop motion photos being what they are, the only thing I could think of that would be moving fast enough to consider it stop motion was bicycles (cars don’t count). Given that, I still shot completely artsy and cut off everyone’s heads on purpose, slightly depersonalizing all of these subjects. Whatever, these photos are OK.

Here. These three. The following pictures are what totally ruins my days shoot. These were taken about an hour or less ago. I will explain each ones flaw.


This photo looks really cool at first, but only because you’ve seen those really cool chain link fence pictures that are rough, edgy and story telling. They’re through prison fences where inmates are behind them or maybe there is a group of Mexicans dashing over the fence and it represents a divide within our country. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of kids smoking pot by their high school. Whatever it is, it’s better than this. If you thought this photo was cool, that’s why. You’ve seen something like it and it brought back a good feeling. The composition is similar. If you didn’t think it was cool, it’s because you realized this photo completely lacks the content necessary to compete.

20080116blurredmotion_r_bjl044.jpg The only reason I show you is because I came up with a picture story idea tonight. There are tons and tons of liquor bottles right here, along with deodorant, mouth wash (which the homeless drink to get drunk) and other trash. It looks like someone may have been living here, and I hope they still are. The train yard is right behind my house, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for someone hanging over here, although it is really cold out now.


And I thought I would leave you with my most blown photograph of the night. I staked out my spot and knew where I wanted my photo. I waited, and luckily, this guy came through after only 2 minutes of waiting (which is convenient at 1 AM). I blew the picture. It’s not exposed correctly. My framing is off. It’s just c rap. So hopefully I can shoot a blurred motion picture that doesn’t suck to turn in for my first photojournalism assignment.

I’m in no way happy with my take. But I hardly ever am.


3 Responses to “One star for effort”

  1. You’ve got the idea going with the second picture. A little more work and I think you’ll nail it.

  2. Sitting outside in the 1AM cold? There is no way I am that patient. Kudos for getting the picture even if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. I think technique is something that can be improved but patience and being in the right place at the right time are something people have or they don’t. And judging by the looks of your ideas, it seems you are well on your way.

    Keep it up!

  3. Chris Money Says:

    Looks fine to me. You’re too hard on yourself.

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