But you’re going international


Mary Margaret and I went to see the Scourge of the Sea at the Dame Saturday night. I found out about the Lexington natives my freshman year and have seen them play twice now. I love their shows. They’re music is pretty chill. They really let loose on their last song, Chocolate Chips. Don’t listen to me talk about music though, check them out at Matt’s blog. I do pictures, and sometimes pictures of musicians. But I would be doing an injustice to both the Scourge and you if I tried to give you hip comments about their music. So be sure to roll over to You Ain’t No Picasso.


I will say I love their music though. I hope you will check them out. We toughed out the 10 degree weather last night (felt like -3 with wind chill) and checked them out.


There was some dancing going on, and since I have been playing with slow shutters and dark light I tried to capture that. You really need a lot of card space to waste when you do this. I’m not good enough to nail it in three frames. So I wanted to represent the Dame’s atmosphere and show the fanaticals of the Scourge.


I’m only leading in with those few pics of the band. Those are coming.


2 Responses to “But you’re going international”

  1. r o b b y Says:

    Hello. Im just stumbling across this site. I think your a Guinness. I would love some more information regarding your photographs. Please!? Kay?! Kay…..

  2. I love how great The Dame’s lighting looks in photographs!

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