Always be prepared


I took this car out into the snow at 6:45 this morning. Snow covered roads and ground. All excited to shoot, I pulled up to the sidewalk, similar to the photo above. I waited from the car for the sidewalk duster to come by, fired five frames. After which, I chimped of course. No, my histograms weren’t bearing to the left or right, and my lens cap was removed. I had just forgotten to put a card back in it after dumping the last card.


Drive home. Come back. Get out of the car, come to take this picture. I look down. The battery is flashing. Not just low, but flashing. Apparently I didn’t charge my camera after my last shoot either.


Do I feel pretty stupid? Of course. A wise man with a beard always said that anticipation is the key. Always be prepared. Did I miss out on something super important? No. Just a rare snow in Kentucky. After my battery charges I’ll be back out in it. Hopefully to bring you some good pictures back. I’m not pleased with a single one of these.



3 Responses to “Always be prepared”

  1. lpepper18 Says:

    Sweet pics!

  2. I miss the snow.

  3. the mini looks like it’s parked on the edge of a pancake that is ready to be flipped— (with the back ground cropped of course) I know weird but its true!!! Look!!

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