Cats defeat No. 3 Vols

A day that started out in total failure for photography ended OK. UK hosted No. 3 Tennessee and pulled out an upset. I nailed down a few nice photos. I have a lot more to come, including an entire series of remote photos. This is just all I can get up with a raspy cough rattling out of my throat and increasing pressure in my eyes.


Patrick Patterson with his parents. 





Bruce Pearl yelling.


A very happy UK team. Especially little Perry.

These photos belong to the Kentuckian and Brad Luttrell. In no way do you have permission to copy them from this site. If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me. Copying these photos to any Web site for any purpose is STEALING and is against the law.

On the side:

Ed informed me tonight that Heath Ledger was found dead. He killed himself with sleeping pills. This really bummed me out. I thought you should know. He was a great actor.


2 Responses to “Cats defeat No. 3 Vols”

  1. I absolutely love the third picture. We always see tight, closeups of basketball players, but this shot is… wow. I love it.

  2. Loved the pictures and wish I could’ve been there to see the cats beat UT. I found out about Heath at work and bummed out the entire staff; apparently it might have been accidental in that he combined OTC sleeping pills and prescription sleeping pills.

    Stay healthy, kid.

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