UK vs. UT – Remote shots

Blogger note: These photos are the property of the Kentuckian and Brad Luttrell. Respect the Kentuckian’s property. If you are interested in purchasing my work, please email me. 


Remote cameras are a good way to get where your big bulky body can’t.

Basically this is just a camera set up on the floor in front of where I was sitting with a wire attached and a button at the other end so I can fire it. It gets me a low shot and I can keep firing with my other camera to get nice tight photos, as in the previous post. The shot I’ve been trying for is kind of the one below but I want people chasing the ball right for my face. Remotes are basically thinking of the shot you want, setting up a camera, and hoping the moment is right.

Please, please, please tell me which one you like the most. If you just hover over the picture a number will pop up. Comment. Even if you don’t know jack about pictures.








2 Responses to “UK vs. UT – Remote shots”

  1. toppcat0509 Says:

    I really like number seven photographically-speaking, but emotionally, I like number six because I remember yelling and clapping even harder when it happened!

  2. […] The picture above is about as good as it got. I wanted all this action right in my face. I need someone falling onto my camera or this same moment above. If you’re quick you saw that No. 22’s wheels are up. It’s intense action. But this is basically the same shot you go for at other basketball game floor remotes. […]

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