UK vs. UT – Pearl hunting

Despite how much I hate Tennessee, I actually like their coach.

Bruce Pearl is perfect for college basketball. Anyone who will go to a women’s basketball game with their body painted is a fun guy.

He’s also full of great faces. I captured a lot of emotions out of him, which is important when you don’t know how the game is going to end. You want to have the right moment for the story. I think that moment is in this top photo where he realized his No. 3 Vols were falling to what was supposed to have been a bad basketball team.

Agony of defeat – Rupp is erupptinghere and he is just taking it in.

Anticipation – wishfully looking on to see if the ball drops.

Confusion – arguing a call

Bustin’ a rhyme – Yo, my name is! Er, no. Just coaching his players. 

Respect – Pearl is very cool about his coaching. Not screaming his head off. He listens to his players. 

Yelling – but he does still let a few shouts loose. 

Eff – this looks like it’s a big curse word. 

All pictures on Beyond the map stars are the property of the Kentuckian and Brad Luttrell. They are available for purchase upon request. Taking photos from this site is stealing. Also, and this is important, all commentary on BTMS is the opinion of Brad Luttrell. While his opinions are likely the best, they do not represent the Kentuckian, Kernel or anyone else who has the misfortune of being associated with Luttrell. 


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