is this a house or a home?

For so long they have been the pace-setter for what we do.

They get the awards and we rake in the leftovers. We’ll put our honorable mentions or awards of excellence for effort, in our pockets and move on. They’re number one or two on the list; you know, the big one. Pacemakers? They have them, lots of them. Hearst? All the time. All of this gets them sponsorships through their paper and amazing photos in their yearbook.

We already have our foot in the door. Next year I see us going beyond that and becoming a serious threat in every competition we enter. This isn’t about UK or Lexington, and isn’t really about the Kernel either. It’s about how hard we have worked to get this group to where it is.

But now I look to next year and I’m not sure what’s going to happen. As my best friends, and our greatest photographers, talk about leaving and moving on to bigger and better, I feel like my four years of trying will have been in vain. It would be a great tragedy for me to graduate and this program be back where it was five years ago: the pits.

I just want to plea, beg and bargain with all of them, but I’m not going to. I’m not too proud. I just figure if your heart is not in this, then go. This isn’t a place where anyone who doesn’t want to stick around, ever does.

No matter what it comes down to next semester, no matter where everyone else finds themselves, you know where you’ll find me. I’ll be right here. I’m going to push myself to such good work and have so much going on for our group that everyone wishes they were a part of what UKPJ is doing.

That’s my goal. I have a little over a year to do it.

Anyone with me?


One Response to “is this a house or a home?”

  1. Where’s everyone going?

    I know I’m coming back.

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