They control more than your TV

I finally gave in and bought my own.

After three years of borrowing Keith’s p-wizards and tabletop tripod and Ed’s p-wizards, I finally gave in and bought my own. I should be getting two transceivers in the mail this week.

I didn’t have those this weekend though, and thanks to Ed, I used his and Elliott’s gear to set up the rig below.

All of this is because I didn’t have a tabletop tripod. That’s a magic arm mounted to a huge, bulky tripod. It looks ridiculous because it is. I wanted to do this to show perspective. Wheelchairs are closer to the ground and that in itself is different, but these hardcore players are constantly knocking each other over. So I kind of wanted to have a picture that would give you that angle. I never got it though.


The picture above is about as good as it got. I wanted all this action right in my face. I need someone falling onto my camera or this same moment above. If you’re quick you saw that No. 22’s wheels are up. It’s intense action. But this is basically the same shot you go for at other basketball game floor remotes.


Unfortunately, this is my best shot. Basically all you get is the ugliest lights you have ever seen and little action. Under the goal shots are the same here. Armpits.

But the remotes did not fail. During the second half I tried a whole new remote. The pole-camera. Stick a camera on a monopod, hook it up to a remote or trigger cable and bam, you  just added about 6-8 feet to your own height. It’s amazing.

The shot below is a subtle example. It’s only a bit higher than my own vantage point. But it’s a pretty solid storytelling moment.


But here is where I was most satisfied. I was trying to figure out the shot. All of these wheelchairs on a basketball court. That is just an amazing picture, if you can find it. I am very pleased with this shot. While it’s not a great action shot, or amazing face, it’s storytelling. You know what you’re looking at.


I can’t wait to get remotes so I can start trying out all of these crazy ideas that are going on in my head.


2 Responses to “They control more than your TV”

  1. *sigh*
    Pocketwizards… I want ;_;

  2. me too Emily…me too. I like the wide angles Brad. It really showed the dedication, and eagerness of everyone participating.

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