It’s lame but I will say it

I know you have noticed it. I haven’t been posting nearly as much, for several reasons. Most being that I have been way busy and running all over the place. In the past 48 hours I have almost stepped on crawfish, which were in single file line of 10 or 12 each, driven into the face of a storm that killed 7 people in Kentucky, slept at a Days Inn…parking lot, and seen the worst storm damage I have ever seen.

I’ve skipped a lot of class. I’ve lost a lot of sleep. Life will go on, and you will see pictures.

Just not today.


3 Responses to “It’s lame but I will say it”

  1. And you had a delicious lunch at Joe B’s.

    Help the crawfish.

  2. Rest up. Glad you’re safe. Talk to you soon?

  3. I hope all is well, good luck.

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