A busy place to be

Erin LaBelle has started a blog.

LaBelleland was started in an effort to keep up with friends and family. Since we all consider the LaBelles dear to our hearts, I figured I should share the site.

Erin’s first post:

“Hello Friends and Family!

This is our new effort in reaching you guys who are close in our hearts but far in mileage.
Hopefully you will check in regularly to see what we are up to.
Every day has been an adventure since we moved back to amazingly beautiful Ojai, California in late August.
We are insanely involved and are constantly adding wonderful new people to our community.
Fasten your seat belts and get on board!
The LaBelleland express has left the station.”

One Response to “A busy place to be”

  1. Hi Erin, Dave judged my portfolio at the November JEA/NSPA conference in Philly. We talked a lot about colleges and I am applying to WKU. I would like to phone or email Dave about a recommendation. I would love to hear from him, as I cannot locate current contact info. Thanks, Ariana P.S. Very cool blogsite.

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