Technology just keeps getting smaller

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After upgrading to all of the expensive glass and finally thinking I could call myself a real photographer (you know, one of those guys who lugs around 50 pounds of gear to make a good picture), I bought a point-and-shoot consumer camera.

Not a professional this-thing-is-so-heavy-I-need-an-assistant-just-to-help-shoot- a-football-game camera, but just a point, and shoot. Without all of the weight and complications of a professional body, this thing is made to perform.

The Kernel’s adviser, Chris Poore, introduced me to the Canon G9 a few weeks ago, then Keith Smiley bought one. I was super impressed by the camera’s versatility. Photojournalists do use all of the high performance gear for a reason and in no way is this thing a replacement for my 20D and Mark II. The question is how much do we actually need all of that expensive gear?

For only 450 dollars I picked up a camera that shoots 4 megapixel video, 12.1 megapixel stills, has an image stabilizer, 3″LCD screen, a hot shoe and the ability to shoot in RAW (a larger and more versatile format for photographs). And, it fits in my pocket.

I have already told Ed that I can’t wait for the day when the Kernel will run a picture that came from a camera I had in my pocket. It may take the presence that a photojournalist has away, and I believe there are times when having that is important. But I can imagine plenty of times when I would actually need a camera that isn’t so huge and noticeably loud.I think on K[mm] you will start seeing video pop up, and if you’ve read about what we’re using, you will know. But for most people, they will have no clue that the quality video that they’re experiencing was shot on a piece of machinery I pulled from my pocket.


6 Responses to “Technology just keeps getting smaller”

  1. I kind of want one of those little buddies. Kind of cause it shoots good video, but mainly cause it fits in my pocket :) I mean I can’t have all that clunky photo gear… I’m a writer!

  2. Thanks for bringing a bit of Lexington to sunny California for me. Sweet camera.

  3. fallmark18 Says:

    Okay, I’m hoping you were looking through the windshield instead of the camera most of that time because, once again, how am I getting the book done if you get yourself killed?

  4. That’s so nifty!
    I want one :)



    Wow, I miss you.

  6. Brad, nice job. It’s happening now, P.O.S. digital cameras are getting published. Dai Sugano of the San Jose Mercury News ( uses his for some of his multimedia video shoots. I own the Canon SD1000 and love it. Just yesterday I finished a multimedia piece of my own with that camera. For Web work, no problem. Good job and keep up the good shooting. Remember, it’s not about the tool, it’s about the picture and you the photographer telling the story.

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