You’re still the same

Facebook is still:

  • a lame, easy way for “friends” to keep in touch
  • super-creepy. even more so with all of these weird things that people can do. applications? creeps.
  • a super-sleezy-easy way to keep up with your exes. this goes for girlfriends, best friends or the despised.
  • the best way to make it look like you stand for something. also known as joining groups such as coexhist, choose one or green thumb. if you wouldn’t wear a t-shirt that says your group’s name or consider yourself enough of an active member to put it on your resume, chances are you’re a fake.
  • a trashy way to show people your weekend. i never have and never will appreciate seeing you and seven of your buddies taking shots at the bar.
  • making mark zuckerberg’s wallet fat and reputation sketchy. since the beginning he has been accused of stealing the idea of the social network, among other things.

I’m once again debating a departure from the site. I have set up the Kernel’s news feed on there and am pretty sure I could bounce. I only check it once every week or two, and for that I’m not even engaged in anything.

The only thing that I have found that I like is that I can put video on my business page for the Kernel. This is nice. I like the idea of being able to get people hooked that way. So if I were to create a pros for facebook, it would be the benefit of a business page. All of that crap about connecting with classmates is crap. Stick to phones and emails kids.


One Response to “You’re still the same”

  1. Facebook is lame, but those Facebook pages are pretty handy, as I’ve come to find. My boss is really impressed with the Facebook page I’ve created, and the capabilities of it.

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