I finally realized.

According to Aristotle matter is of the purpose it has in relation to context.

In context to the Kernel, I have been a writer, designer, editor, mixed media producer and a photographer. My purpose has mostly been known as a photographer.

I would be lying to say that the best person to copy edit a story. I cannot say that I am among the great Kernel writers such as Sean Rose, Ben Roberts and Megan Boehnke. And I am surely not the best photographer, ever or even now. But from my experience in all fields of the Kernel I have gained knowledge.

Dave always says he’s not the smartest or best at anything, but his success was through surrounding himself with people who are better at what he is trying to accomplish. While I consider Dave to be one of the greatest moment photographers in the country, that is his stand. I have been surrounded by talent in my three years in this basement.

Adam Sichko was a part of my first spot news event. I remember him asking me to drive to Munfordville to cover an F4 tornado. I was helped by Crystal Little to write my first story. She helped me produce a great story about a radio station for the blind and I learned the value of thorough editing and strong leadership. Through Megan Boehnke I learned so much about the value of community and the significance in reporting the news to it. Keith Smiley has taught me much of what I know about great photographs and the value of thinking outside of the box. Sean Rose helped me to see the value of people skills in how he deals with his staff and how much they appreciate him and value his opinion. One of my best friends I have had at the Kernel, Julie Vachon, is constantly reminding me of hard work and dedication pays off with solid papers.

Then there are the advisers, who are the reason I am in the Kernel. Dave LaBelle is the reason I am hooked on photojournalism. Chris Poore has helped me value my opinion and taught me to stand up for it, as long as it’s with good reason. Jim Winn has helped me to find value within myself and revived photojournalism for me. Kelli Patrick is single-handedly responsible for my passion for design.

All of these people and dozens of others, have I had the excellent opportunity to work under and learn from. They have helped me find my purpose, not only in the Kernel but in journalism. It is only because of them that I feel I should step up next year, and be that person for someone else. I feel I can help to lead the Kernel to a new age, but only because of those I will have with me next year.

For all of these reasons, I plan to apply for editor-in-chief next year. Whether or not I get the job, I am confident that together, not through one or two, or just myself, we will be able to achieve producing great journalism and helping those in need. Whether they be our readers or our staff, I want to be a part of that process.


4 Responses to “I finally realized.”

  1. I have every confidence that you can do the job.

  2. Keep me updated on how everything goes.

  3. toppcat0509 Says:

    That’s great Brad! I hope you get the job! You are very qualified to be the next editor-in-chief, and you have great leadership skills.

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